Web2express Update

Web2express Update  (8/8/2010)

New version of Social Web Information (SWI) Server - swiserver-0.1.2 is released for free download.

New features:
Open API is added to SWI server for providing monitoring data. CRM, wiki, and other enterprise systems now can use the open API to integrate social media monitoring into existing enterprise component. See API document.

SWI Server is focused on integration: turning CRM into social CRM; turning enterprise wiki into social wiki; and more ....
Unlike other web-based monitoring tools, SWI Server is designed to automaticall feed social contents to "the right hands" in enterprise systems for SMO.

Key Benefits:
  • Help scaling up social media engagement with auto-categorization and auto-routing features.
  • Effectively integrate social media monitoring into existing enterprise system like CRM, collaboration, text analytics, and BI. (preventing another silo of social contents)
  • Help social media optimization (SMO) with the ability to customize content sources and analysis.

Web2express is interested in partnering with enterprise integration providers to build connectors for integrating social media monitoring (SWI server) with enterprise components (CRM, collaboration, BI, etc).  Let us know if you like to integrate SWI server into your product or service offerings.

Social Media News Update:

Event update:

Webexpress.org develops free software tools to help organizations to integrate social media monitoring into enterprise systems for scaling up social media engagement.  If you are facing any challenge in implementing your enterprise social media strategy, please let us know and we'll introduce these free new tools to you. You may run your own SWI Server or from cloud server to monitor and engage with social media.

Web2express Update  (6/4/2010)

SWI Server: Free!

The first free version of Social Web Information (SWI) Server is released for free download and use from web2expres.org.  SWI Server is a server application that monitors the social media, automatically categorize relevant contents, and auto-route the categorized contents to the right persons.

As companies are starting to leverage on the social media, it becomes clear new tools are needed now for effective handling large scale monitoring and huge influx of social contents. Ray Wang and Jeremiah Owyang rightfully point out this challenge in their open research report. To address this challenge, a server application makes more sense because you can monitor as many topics as you want and save all the data on your own server for future use. I also think a free server application will bring down the cost barrier so that companies can easily get started with their new social media strategy, e.g. integrating social media contents with their CRM or enterprise platform. That's why I have developed the SWI Server and make it freely available.

I expect many companies have unique requirements for social contents sources and analytics. To deal with custom requirements effectively, SWI server has flexible design so that you can easily add more contents sources as well as plug in special analysis. Please contact web2express.org for how to customize SWI server for your special needs.

What's new with social media?

Google launches business-app platform with VMware
Social Media Use Becomes Pervasive
Social Consumers' Opinions More Credible Than Brands'
#scon10: Social Media's Impact On Customer Behavior

more ...

Event update:

SDForum Semantic Web SIG hosted it May event on topic "Making Social CRM Smarter and Scalable".  Dave Carroll from Salesforce presented "Social Networking in the Enterprise". Cheryl Kieliszewski from IBM Research talked about "Analytics: A Competitive Differentiator". Event details. Their slides are available on the Semantic Web SIG website.

Webexpress.org develops free tools to help organizations to scale up social media monitoring and engagement.  If you are facing any challenge in implementing your social media strategy, please let me know and I'll introduce these free new tools to you. You may run your own SWI Server or use Realmon9 from Google cloud to monitor and engage with social media.

Web2express Update  (3/21/2010)

What's new with social media monitoring?
  • Web2express has developed the first Google app for social media monitoring - Realmon9. Realmon9 demo is running in Google cloud for a few weeks now. Unlike other monitoring tools,  Realmon9 is designed to be a component of enterprise software suite. Companies can easily deploy realmon9 in Google cloud for monitoring and engaging with social media. The monitoring results, social leads and contexts,  can be automatically sent to other enterprise components like CRM for further actions.
  • To take full advantage of social media, your organization may need a custom solution for social media monitoring. Web2express is here to help with that. We can quickly implement a custom monitoring pipeline for you by customizing Realmon9. Please see how we can help here.
  • All 18 use cases in Altimeter's recent report "Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management" start with listening to social media.

What's new with social CRM?
  • Early on, Web2express saw the scalability issue with social media monitoring/engagement for enterprises. Thus, it choosed to develop the monitoring tool Realmon9 as a component that can fit into the current enterprise platform with text analytics and CRM. I believe this component approach is the most cost-effective way for enterprises to get social CRM going. More info on why and how to start social CRM are here.
  • Jeremiah Owyang started good discussions on social CRM scalability issue in social-crm-pioneers Google group, which is still ongoing right now. You may want to join the discussion.
  • Altimeter Group released a fantastic report "Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management", which describes 18 use cases under an insightful framework. A must-read report.

Event update:

I will present "Build Search Engine in the Social Media Era" on the next SDForum Software Architecture & Modeling SIG meeting on March 24. Besides talking about architectures for social and real-time search, I'll also discuss intelligent monitoring pipeline for scaling up social media program or social CRM. If you can come to the
meeting, I'll be happy to chat with you .