SWI Server

Social Web Information (SWI) Server is for organizations to monitor social media and automatically categorize social contents in order to scale up engagement with social media. It is designed to be a component of the enterprise suite, allowing easy integration of social media monitoring results into enterprise so that the right persons (or groups) can take the right actions on the relevant social contents.

Applications for Realmon9 + SWI Server:

  1. Monitor products and brands in social media, categorize social contents, and engage with identified social leads; Ready to be integrated with CRM, marketing or support platform;
  2. Bring relevant social contents into enterprise, filtering social contents by trusted sources; Ready to be integrated with collaboration environment like wiki;
  3. Build relevant topic pages as top destinations for domain-specific news that generate new traffics to company web site; 

Key Benefits

  • Together with Realmon9, delivers social monitoring results to customer-controlled environment in Google cloud.
  • Help scaling up social media engagement with auto-categorization and auto-routing features.
  • Effectively integrate social media monitoring into existing enterprise system like CRM, collaboration, text analytics, and BI. (preventing another silo of social contents)
See Demo with Realmon9 in Google cloud.

Web2express.org uses SWI server as a component to build social media monitoring pipeline and integrate social monitoring into enterprise platform. Please check out web2express' custom monitoring services for more information.

What is SWI Server?

SWI Server is a server application that monitors the social media, automatically categorize relevant contents, and auto-route the categorized contents to the right persons. The initial versions are designed to have the basic features with simple co-reference analysis.  Because the server collects and archives the social contents, you can re-analyze the contents any time when new analytics becomes available. It's focused on contents and data, but not graph or chart. The data can be sent through its API to other enterprise software for easy integration, including CRM, wiki, collaboration, text analytics and BI.

SWI Server helps scale up social media monitoring and engagement

Basic Features:

  • You can create any number of topics to monitor. A topic can be anything interesting to you, maybe a brand, product, product feature, company, person, etc. Topics are grouped by list.  For a large company or ad agency, you can create any number of lists, each list containing a large number of topics. This allows you to do large scale monitoring.
  • Content sources include twitter conversations (from twitter search API), blogs and news (from Google search API) by default. If you need other sources, the server can be customized to include any data feed, streaming data and search API. 
  • You can create any number of category for categorizing the incoming social contents 
  • For each topic, you define appropriate search queries for each search API and the frequency for retrieving contents. When social contents are fetched from sources, they are automatically categorized by the filter you define for each category.  The basic filtering mechanism is co-reference analysis, which allows you to categorize a tweet based on co-presence of two terms.
  • The categorized contents are automatically routed to the destinations you defined for each category.  The first type of routing is email alert, i.e. sending categorized contents to selected email addresses periodically. The second type of routing is API calls, which is required for integrating social contents and social leads directly into your CRM or other enterprise components. Depending on how your CRM works, SWI server can be customized to provide data through its API or send data to your CRM's API.
  • The social contents resulted from monitoring can be viewed in several ways: 
    • View by the topic
    • View by the topic list
    • View by the speakers (authors, publishers)
    • View by the category
  • While reading the contents by topic or topic list, you can also manually categorize the content. Multiple categories can be assigned to one piece of content.
  • While reading the contents in any view, you can select the content author as a lead. 
  • You can view the selected leads sorted by time or by content count.
  • While reading the contents in any view, you can click on the "engage" link associated with the author to see all contents from the author. On the engage page, you can retweet a content, reply to a tweet, or post anything to twitter network.
  • On "My posts" page, you see all your posts to twitter and any responses to your twitter account.
  • Email alert can be set up for routing categorized contents and leads to appropriate persons.
  • All data and contents from monitoring are saved in a data store, which can be re-analyzed in the future.

Why should I run my own social media monitoring server?

  • To meet the challenge of large-scale monitoring. As companies are starting to leverage on the social media, it becomes clear new tools are needed now for effective handling large scale monitoring and huge influx of social contents. Ray Wang and Jeremiah Owyang rightfully point out this challenge in their open research report. The challenge is also being discussed actively in the social CRM Google group. To address this challenge, having your own monitoring server makes more sense because you can monitor as many topics as you want, automatically categorize social contents, and flow monitoring results to various destinations within the enterprise.
  • To integrate social media monitoring and engagement activities with the existing enterprise activity flow. Web2express believes social media monitoring should be part of the enterprise suite and such integration offers the most effective implementation of social media strategy. Integration is also a good way to prevent another information silo from social media,
  • To be able to customize content sources and content analysis in the monitoring pipeline in order to meet company's special business requirements. 
  • To archive relevant social contents for enterprise-wide search as well as future analysis. 

How to integrate social media monitoring into my enterprise system?

SWI Server provides open API for other software to pull data from.  For example, CRM can get social leads that are identified in SWI server on a continuous basis. Web2express has developed an open source connector for salesforce as demonstration. See social2leads connector on salesforce codeshare.  Another example: An enterprise collaboration tool like wiki can get monitoring results from SWI Server through the open API. 

If the other software components have open API, you can build a connector for SWI server to push data to the other software. 

The following enterprise components will gain valuable social functions when connected with SWI server:
  • CRM.  Examples: Salesforce CRM, SugarCRM, Microsoft CRM, Oracle CRM, SAP CRM, Zoho CRM.
  • Customer support platform, call center platform.
  • Collaboration platforms such as wiki tools. Examples: Atlassian Confluence, Mindtouch, Alfresco, Drupal.
  • BI. Example: Jaspersoft BI.
  • Text analytics
The beauty of this integration is that, with one SWI server, a company can make relevant social contents visible at various places, which feeds into the daily business activities. Connecting SWI Server to CRM is a quick and effective way to implement social CRM. Web2express is interested in partnering with service providers to build connectors for integrating social media monitoring (SWI server) with enterprise components.  Let us know if you like to integrate SWI server into your enterprise.

How to customize social media monitoring for my organization's special needs?

Each company may have unique requirements for social content sources and what analysis should be applied on the social contents.  To deal with custom requirements effectively, SWI server has flexible design so that you can easily add more content sources as well as plug in special analysis. It's the customization that will provide valuable information for you to do social media optimization.  Web2express offers consulting service to help companies customize social media monitoring and optimize social media engagement. Contact us to discuss your special requirements.