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Realmon9 v1

How to use Realmon9 v1?

Realmon9 divides the monitoring process into 3 straightforward steps:
  1. setup topics and monitor conversations/blogs/news that mention the topics.
  2. select leads and categorize target conversations/blogs/news as well as engage in conversation.
  3. automatically send these leads and targets to CRM, text analytics or BI for further actions for the purpose of marketing, sales, PR, customer support and/or research.

Create lists of topics:

You can create one list for each type topics you want to monitor. For example, a list for "Products", another list for "Competitions". For each list, you can add a number of topics. Realmon9 will find conversations, blogs and news that mention each of the topics.

Monitor each topic:

For each topic, Twitter conversions, blogs and news are listed separately by time. You can categorize each conversation, blog or news with any of the categories you choose. For Twitter conversation or blog, you can select the Twitter user or blogger as lead.

Monitor talkers:

You can view all Twitter users and bloggers (a.k.a. talkers) in one list sorted by the number of conversations or blogs. For each talker, the latest conversation or blog is shown. You can select the talker as lead or categorize the conversation/blog.

Set up monitoring settings:

Add categories.  Provide Twitter account for using Twitter network.  For custom service, data sources can be specified, including focused social networks, special blog sites, or public forums.


Post any message to Twitter network.  View all of your posts and responses to your posts.

View selected leads:

View the leads you have selected in one list. Retweet or reply to tweets.

Engage with a lead:

View all the target conversations/blogs from the selected lead. Post message to twitter network.

View by category: 

View conversations, blogs and news by the category you have chosen.

Export data:

The leads and target data can be automatically exported to CRM like salesforce or enterprise collaboration platform.

Simple demo:  Monitoring "social media monitoring tools space"

Web2express is providing custom monitoring services to organizations and so it uses Realmon9 to monitor topics related to social media monitoring as well as engage in Twitter conversation.

The following lists of topics are created on Realmon9. They are obvious starting points and I'll add more specific topics as I find them through the monitoring process. For each topic, a probe is defined, which contains a set of search queries for searching twitter conversations, blogs and news. The probe needs to be optimized in order to identify high quality conversations, blog, and news.
  1. web2express
    • Realmon9
    • web2express digest
  2. Other monitoring tools
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  3. Social media monitoring in general
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  4. Social CRM
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    • social media and enterprise collaboration
I check the monitoring results by topic every day. If I see a question or conversation from twitter that I may be able to help, I mark the sender as "lead" and try to respond shortly. If a blog is interesting, I'll read the blog and provide comment if necessary. I also mark the blogger as a "lead" so that I can keep track of participants of interesting conversations/blogs altogether. To see the most popular participants (or talkers) talking about any of the topics, I check the "Talkers" page.

After I scan through the conversations and blogs, I take a look the Leads page, which lists all the participants whom I may want to respond to. Click on each "Lead" to see his/her conversations and post responses to twitter.

I also tag the conversations with any of the user-defined categories, such as Marketing or Customer Support.

The categorized conversations and the leads are automatically sent to my Salesforce CRM for further distribution and collaboration.