Realmon9: Google Cloud App For Social Media Monitoring  Powered by Google App Engine

Realmon9 is the first Google cloud app for monitoring social media. Realmon9 is connected to SWI server (SaaS) and delivers social media monitoring results (trusted social contents, categorized contexts, and social leads) to customer-controlled environment in Google cloud.

Applications for Realmon9 + SWI Server:

  1. Monitor products and brands in social media, categorize social contents, and engage identified social leads; Ready to be integrated with CRM, marketing or support platform;
  2. Bring relevant social contents into enterprise; Ready to be integrated with collaboration environment like wiki;
  3. Build relevant topic pages as top destinations for domain-specific news that generate new traffics to company web site; 

Some key benefits:

  1. Customer has full control of the Realmon9 cloud app and the resulted monitoring data.
  2. Thanks to Google cloud's powerful infrastructure and free quota, customer can set up social media monitoring pipeline in Google cloud with ease at no cost. develops Realmon9 cloud application to help organizations to take advantage of the newly available powerful cloud computing platform - Google cloud. Cloud-based application has great potential to deliver enterprise software functions at lower cost. advocates monitoring of all products and competitions for any business because it allows the company to understand what people are talking about its products, brands, and competitions on the social media. These valuable information can help the company to use social media to effectively support customers, build user communities, generate leads, manage brands, get new product ideas, and research on competitions.  

current version: 1a


This Realmon9 demo allows the public to view monitoring results for topics related to social media monitoring. Realmon9 is connected to the SWI Server, where customer can setup topics to monitor, filter social contents by trusted sources, categorize social contexts, and route social leads to the appropriate destinations (people or enterprise apps). Please contact to discuss how your company can leverage on social media as well as take advantage of Google cloud with Realmon9 and SWI server. uses Realmon9 as a component to build social media monitoring pipeline and integrate social monitoring into enterprise platform. Please check out web2express' custom monitoring services for more information.

Use cases: