Migrating to Clouds

Before migrating into clouds, web2express.org ran its website using a traditional web hosting service that supports java. New java web apps are developed and then deployed on the same server running the website.  With the emergence of cloud computing platforms like Google cloud, it becomes possible to develop and run web applications in clouds, which can reduce web hosting cost.  Because Google cloud also provides business apps, most of them having free versions, migrating into clouds will also shave costs traditionally associated with business apps and IT support. Thus, web2express.org has chosen to migrate from traditional web hosting into Google cloud.

Reasons for migrating website and business apps into Google cloud

  • Reduce cost for web hosting to minimum. Only a domain name can be enough, no need for hosting service.
  • Use free Google Sites to create web pages easily. May use Google Web Elements to add dynamic content to websites.
  • Develop and run new web applications on Google App Engine for free.  Google's free quotas can be enough for some web apps.
  • Run Google Apps for free, including email, calendar, groups, office tools, blog, etc.
  • May use web hosting service that is integrated with Google Services for Websites including Webmaster Tools. Such integration makes site SEO for Google easier.  Go Daddy is an good example.

Migrate website to Google cloud

1. Transfer domain name to godaddy which charge small fee from maintaining domain name.

2. Create a web site on Google Sites. Add custom subdomain URL for the site, e.g. help.web2express.org. Create a CNAME for the subdomain using DNS manager.

3. Develop and deploy web apps on Google App Engine. Add custom subdomain URL for each app.  Create a CNAME for each web app using DNS manager.

Migrate business apps to Google Apps

Pick the right version of Google Apps for your organization:
  • Google Apps is our free service geared towards families, entrepreneurs and other groups up to 50 users.
  • Google Apps for Business offers 25GB of email storage per user, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, data migration capabilities, advanced management tools, telephone support, added security features and more, all for $50 per user per year.
  • Google Apps for Government is FISMA certified and designed with local, state and federal agencies in mind.
  • Google Apps for Education offers many benefits of Google Apps for Business, but at no cost to schools, universities and qualifying non-profits.
Sign up for Google Apps account:
  1. Create free Google Apps account and admin user.
  2. Verify domain ownership using CNAME method.
Set up email service:
  1. Add users to the account. Each user is given an email address with custom domain, e.g. info@web2express.org.
  2. Enable email service by adding MX records to the domain.
  3. For each user, log in to Google Account using email address.  Enable multiple login feature on the account setting page. This makes it very convenient to use both personal gmail account and business accounts at the same time.
Try extra applications:

Service providers:
  • Cloud Sherpas, a Google Apps reseller that also helps enterprises migrate to and manage the productivity suite.