Custom Monitoring Service helps organizations integrate social media monitoring into enterprise systems for scaling up social media engagement.

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We are focused on cutting-edge technologies and new approaches that can give your organization a competitive advantage.

  • Provide a unique combination of cloud app (Realmon9) and SaaS platform (SWI Server) for customers to leverage on social media as well as take advantage of free Google cloud computing infrastructure.
  • Conduct large-scale social media monitoring for all your products, brands, and competitions.
  • Build end-to-end customer information pipeline by integrating social media monitoring into your enterprise systems including CRM, BI and enterprise collaboration.
  • Develop social media monitoring pipeline in Google cloud and Salesforce cloud.
  • Generate crowd intelligence by applying semantic analysis to understand social conversations, social customers, and social influencers for social media optimization (SMO).
If you are interested in these new approaches, please contact info @ web2express for more information and discussion

Why should enterprise build social media monitoring pipeline?

Your customers are talking about your company, products and brands as well as your competitions on the social media. To take advantage of this new communication channel, you decide to monitor the social conversations and engage with your customers. However, you find the existing free tools like Google Alert and commercial tools can not meet your specific needs. Your best choice at this point is to build your own efficient social media monitoring pipeline with available components.

If you want the following capabilities, you are already looking at a custom monitoring pipeline:
  • monitor all social channels including my customers' favorite blogs and answers (like LinkedIn answers).
  • monitor all my products (thousands of them) and their competitors at the same time, i.e. large scale monitoring and engagement.
  • automatically analyze the large number of conversations every day in real time, understand their meanings (at least partially), and route them to the right teams or persons to take actions (such as marketing, sales, customer support, brand management, product research, etc.)
In short, a custom monitoring pipeline is needed in order to obtain high level of customization and efficiency that you want for your social media programs. Of course, it will take more efforts than a subscription of an online monitoring service. But, the result will worth your effort because it gives you a competitive advantage!

How can help my organization build competitive social media monitoring pipeline?

We understand the challenges in scaling up social media monitoring and engagement. We are developing components that can be used to quickly build your monitoring pipeline and customize it to meet your specific needs.  To help you implement your new social media strategy, we focus on providing cutting-edge technical consulting, which includes:  
  • Build effective social media monitoring pipeline for your organization by using a unique combination of Realmon9 cloud app and SWI server. Your organization has full control of the social media monitoring data out of the monitoring pipeline.
  • Integrate real time social media monitoring results into your enterprise CRM, text analytics and collaboration software. This integration will turn your existing CRM into Social CRM, further automate your marketing/sales/PR/support processes, and power your enterprise platform with social media and web intelligence. For example, we've developed social2leads, a connector that feeds leads from Realmon9 to Salesforce CRM.
  • Provide continuous social media monitoring and lead gen services to your organization. Large scale monitoring will generates large number of data that require near real-time attention. We will select the leads and categorize the relevant conversations according to your requirements. The selected leads and social media contents are routed automatically to your marketing/sales/PR/support teams for fast responses.
  • Perform custom analysis to gain customer insight for your organization. Applying advanced text analytics and semantic analysis on the pipeline will enable discovery of new trends, customer needs, customer opinions, sentiments, competitors' moves, etc.

Why connect social media monitoring to CRM?

You may check out Accenture's most recent report (2/2010) "Social CRM: The New Frontier of Marketing, Sales and Service". The report suggests "companies should adopt a “social CRM” strategy. Such a strategy will help them touch customers at many more points and much earlier in the buying process, often at lower cost than that of more traditional marketing, sales and customer service channels. To do so, companies should embrace the social media channels being used by their customers; identify and engage with the “superusers” who supply product expertise to other customers; and harness the power of advanced analytics to provide broad insights on customer needs, wants and behaviors. In short, social CRM presents many opportunities to build a distinctive capability that can serve as a building block of high performance: a method to potentially connect more tightly with customers at lower cost and in a way that provides a real differentiation from competitors."

Enterprise adoption of social media will occur primarily in the context of customer relationship management (CRM), according to Gartner. The analyst has predicted that 80% of all market growth in 2010 will come in this field, as organizations struggle to find a clear business case for leveraging social media as a tool for internal communication and collaboration.

Altimeter's recent report (March 5, 2010) "Social CRM: The New Rules of Relationship Management": Social CRM does not replace existing CRM efforts – instead it adds more value. In fact, Social CRM augments social networking to serve as a new channel within existing end-to-end CRM processes and investments. Social CRM enhances the relationship aspect of CRM and builds on improving the relationships with more meaningful interactions. All Use Cases Start with Listening. Complement existing CRM processes. Align the Social CRM use cases with existing CRM strategy.

In short, connecting social media monitoring to CRM enables automatic routing of social leads and conversations from monitoring pipeline to your CRM. With this simple upgrade to social CRM, you can now listen to social media and quickly respond to customer needs with better social marketing, customer support and new products.