Web2express Digest

Web2express Digest is a free web application that digests fresh web contents in real time and help you intelligently follow what's going on in social media and on the web.  Individuals can use it to check out the trending topics auto-discovered from web conversations or create any topic of interest to follow.  Businesses may use it or request custom solution to efficiently monitor products, brands, companies or competitions in real time.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogging websites has made open communication and sharing a norm today, which benefits everyone tremendously. However, it also becomes a challenge to sip through the huge amount of user-generated contents in real time. Web2express.org has been experimenting and developing new web tools to help the public to conveniently follow trending topics and marketers to efficiently monitor and engage in social media. It also tries to find ways to unleash the power of collective intelligence (a.k.a. web intelligence) inherent in the online social media.  The results of this open project is the real time web monitoring platform called "Web2express Digest", which is made freely available on web2express.org website.

Web2express Digest uses open semantic and NLP tools to analyze millions of twitter conversations and blogs as they come online each day. The platform enables the following services now:

  1. It mashes up real time conversations (tweets, blogs, news) on various social media topics.
  2. It auto-discovers trending topics from fresh web contents and thus allow people to view new web conversations around topics. While following trending topics or any topic of interest on web2express, user can also talk about the topic publicly, which runs on top of the fantastic Twitter network.
  3. The same real time web analysis platform enables marketers to efficiently monitor products, brands, companies or competitions in real time.  Currently, Web2express Digest provides only simple monitoring function for the public. User can set up a probe with a set of keywords and phrases, and then start monitoring twitter conversations in real time immediately. 
  4. Realmon9, the first Google app for organizations to monitor social media in Google cloud. (see demo here)   Powered by Google App Engine
  5. Social Web Information (SWI) Server for companies to run their own social media monitoring sever and integrate monitoring into existing enterprise systems such as CRM and enterprise collaboration.
Web2express.org provides consulting services to help organizations build customized social media monitoring pipeline, engage customers on social media, and integrate social media monitoring into CRM, collaboration, and other enterprise systems. Please contact web2express.org to discuss your social media monitoring needs.

Web2express.org is a true believer of open tools and open data. This real time web analysis platform is an example of how open tools and open data are facilitating more innovations on the internet. Special thanks are given to the following open resources that make Web2express Digest possible:

Monitoring social media

What is real time web monitoring?

When you want to know what people are talking about your products, services, brands, company, or anything you care about RIGHT NOW, you are thinking about real time monitoring. The good news is that there are plenty of people openly having conversations on the web, including microblogging (like Twitter), blogging, commenting, and questioning/answering.  The huge amount of user-generated contents (UGC) provides marketers great opportunities to listen and understand how customers think of products, brands, and competitions. Furthermore, the movement of open data has encouraged social networks to make public data freely available in real time. As a result, web monitoring is able to bring marketers information almost in real time, which enables companies to respond and meet users' changing needs in a timely fashion.

How do I set up my monitor on Web2express?

First, sign up an account on Web2express Digest and check to enable real time monitoring. Then, create a monitoring probe and add whatever keywords and phrases you like to monitor with. Lastly, start monitoring. Web2express Digest immediately uses your probe to analyze the real time data streams. You may set up multiple probes, one probe for each interest. All of your probes are listed together with basic stats to give you a quick view. The detailed monitoring results can be viewed by probe.

When can I see the monitoring result?

After you start monitoring a probe, you should see results shortly online, depending on how popular the topic is. Unlike Google Alert and other alert service, you can view the monitoring results online at any time on web2express website. Because the probes are working on new tweets as they come in, there is no waiting for the analysis to finish. The real time analysis should happen instantly. For each probe, simple monitoring statistics for the past 7 days are listed for comparison.

What contents does Web2express Digest monitor on?

For free service, Web2express currently monitors on twitter conversations from Twitter's streaming API.  The analysis is done on new incoming data only. So, it's a forward-looking monitoring. After monitoring over a period of time, the accumulated statistics will give you a pretty good idea about your interests. Successful monitoring heavily depends on the contents being monitored on. For businesses, it's critical to include all blogs and news in the monitoring. Web2express provides custom monitoring services for businesses, which covers the whole blogosphere, news, and users-specified data sources.

How can I efficiently monitor my entire catalog of 1000, 10000 or more products?

While it's conveniently to set up a small number of topics to monitors using web2express or google alert, you may quickly realize it's going to be a big challenge to monitor and analyze  1000 or 10000 products at the same time and all the time. To do large scale monitoring, you would need a more efficient process to set up probes, analyze and report results. If you are facing such challenge, please contact web2express for custom solution designed for large-scale monitoring.

Following trending topics or your own topics

Where do the trending topics come from?

The trending topics are auto-discovered from millions of tweets in real time. As the real time data streaming into web2express system, natural language processing and semantic technologies are used to analyze the data, which produces statistics for determining trending topics. Web2express is a true believer of open tools and open data. This real time web analysis platform is an example of how open tools (e.g. Open Calais and OpenNLP) and open data (such as Twitter and blogs) are facilitating more innovations on the internet.

Can I follow any topic of my interest?

Yes, you can create any topic of your interest and then follow it conveniently using web2express digest. Each topic is defined by one or a set of keywords/phrases, Once you define the topic, you will see latest twitter conversations that mention the topic. The topics you've created can be viewed by other users and thus also benefit the public.